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A long time ago...
it all started for Rob Achterkamp with building small FM transmitters and compressors / limiters. Because yes, it had to sound good on the radio.

It all soon resulted in the start-up of several pirate stations in his hometown of Deventer. However, thanks to a very fanatical local police officer, that all lasted far too short, which, by the way, was also true of other attempts.

Unfortunately ... a radio town with some good pirates like Nijmegen, for example, Deventer would never become ....

Then there came - we're talking about the early 1990s now - the legal local radio stations, but for various reasons that also stopped after a few years.

After a relatively long period of not doing much with radio, Rob carefully picked up his old passion again in 2016 and started with an hour of radio on a local radio station in the Achterhoek. That grew into "Rob on Wednesday, a so-called syndicated radio program in which you hear music from 5 (actually 6) decades of pop music.

The radio program "Rob on Wednesday" is now broadcast on several radio stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Thailand!

Rob can be heard in the past on pirate stations with eloquent names such as "Radio Actueel", "City Star Radio" and "Radio Continu". He has also worked as a board member, technician and DJ for the then immensely popular local radio station "Deventer FM "and made a music program for "Achterhoek FM".

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