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Rico van Amstel began his radio-active existence in the 1990s at Stadsradio Rotterdam. A further foundation was laid at Stadsradio Den Haag, City FM Amsterdam and Radio NRG.

In the following years, he presented programs at stations such as Baja Radio, Coastline FM (regional), Hotradio (regional), Radio 8FM (regional), Radio Decibel (Heilo), Falcon Radio (regional), Den Haag FM, Regio FM, Radio Mi Amigo, JAMM FM, Smart FM/LINQ FM, Holland FM Spain, Loopreizen Radio and 4EVER49 Radio (national).

In addition, Rico creates syndicated programs and voice tracks for many radio stations. Rico is a radio man at heart and has been successful in many positions within the radio world over the years.

In addition to being a presenter, he also served as Station Manager, Program Leader, Music Director and Station Voice at various radio stations. He also produces commercials, promos and jingles, is a professional voice actor and voice-over, coaches DJs and is a pro-tools professional.

In the 1990s, Rico provided drive in shows for Mouse Music Service (Mouse Bookings), where he presented disco shows for Radio 538, Veronica, Tros, Sanyo and Radio 10 Gold, among others.

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