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When Hans de Knegt...
 saw the light of day, he soon realized that he had to brighten up that big world with radio fun for a specific purpose. After the disappearance of the various sea stations in 1974, Hans ended up at a dusty hospital radio station where he spontaneously broke many rules in order to let the true music pleasure blare through his ears on Saturday afternoons, with the pirates still between his ears..................

 Hans' musical taste is very broad, but his preference is for the good old 70's and 80's. Together with Mike Duprez, Rudi Schils, Leon Balmaekers and Theo de Brabander, Hans was associated with Radio Mi Amigo 192 since 2007 and saw Radio Mi Amigo 100.9 and 107.1 FM as a great challenge. Lots of fun and good popping on the Spanish Costa....

Currently on Music Radio For All, Hans presents "The Middle Of The Roadshow," a lighthearted show featuring musical delights from a golden hit past.

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