This Saturday time for a Festivaaaaaaal!

Don’t forget to put a circle on your calander 22th august! This Saturday ! Because it’s time for a Festivaaaaaal 🥳🥳🥳 KL85Festival 12hours long!
I would love to do this more in real life for sure! But getting this chance to do a festival on worldwide radio with Intro’s spoken by me , I was and I am so excited 😂 I hope you all feel a bit the feeling of festival, I never went to school to for Radio , it was actually my first time to fix this together and did this to all make you feel a bit in the vibe & for the Radio love ofcourse! We will have 8 dj’s for you playing music for 12hours long from 12 PM – 00 AM most of them play techhouse but we end with Techno ofcourse! 😈
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Program for saturday on KL85 Festival!

Program for saturday on KL85 Festival!
12u – 13u30u Dicaro Eduardo
13u30u – 15u Leon aka Noel
15u – 16u30u Pleasure
16u30u – 18u Matt D
18u – 19u30u Eye-Xpress
19u30u – 21u MDM
21u – 22u30 Jelle
22u30u – 00u Forkowski
See you saturday ! 🥳🤪🥳🤪
See you saturday ! 🥳🤪🥳🤪